On deciding on a theme I had thought to choose a topic which was wide enough to allow for development and experimentation and yet not so wide that I would never narrow down my choices.   I also wanted to choose a subject which would also lend itself to a concept or concepts that went beyond the representation or interpretation of the topic.  To that end I think that my theme will serve me well.  The concept of renewal from what looks like the dead end of plants will provide much food for thought and I am already thinking about the process renewal and recovery in textiles as well as in the human experience.

Having sorted all my own photographs of seeds and seed heads, grasses and seed pods out, along with other source material I realise that there is enough scope here to keep me going for several years!  So I set about the process of selecting what I was most interested in exploring.  These included seed and seed heads of: umbrella shaped plants;  poppies; honesty; and grasses.   I also collected together some quotations and poetry in which the concept of seeds is explored.   I started working us some sketches and ideas using honesty seed cases.


What I love about honesty is the transformation from a somewhat ordinary purple flower to the shiny, silver seed cases that are both architectural and fragile.





I also worked up some sketches of plants which, in their skeletal seed form have umbrella spokes.  I had a bought screen and did some experimental printing on fabric with these shapes.  They are pleasing in their simplicity and give a sense of silhouette against the sky.

Part of this development work took me in the direction of lotus seed pods.  These alien shapes are intriguing with their amazing colours as they turn from bright green with blueberry shaped seeds through to brown and reddish dried pods.  Abstracted the shapes create wonderful patterns.  I was particularly interested in the colour combinations of green, purplish blue and browns and enjoyed weaving some samples in these hues.    These sample weavings were enjoyable to do and I might return to this idea later as a possible avenue of development



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