Continuing with my theme book I have been exploring the effect of complementary colours in nature. I had a photograph I had taken of dock plants in a hedgerow and had brought a part of the plant home.


The contrast between the green and the red led to some exciting colour study and again I created a little woven sample and explored ideas of how I might represent seeds in stitch using silk and cotton yarn and with aptly names seed beads.
This green and red contrast led me on to thinking about a piece of green trellis which is worn and broken in our garden. I began to experiment with how I could print a trellis shape which would describe the weathered worn edge of the trellis wood and was interested in the shapes and colours we see in the strong negative shapes in the trellis. Creating stamps from cardboard and thin craft foam I created some interesting background papers on which to work.


Using thermafax purchased screens I began to work on the shapes of grasses trying to create interesting backgrounds on which to print and bringing this experimentation together with the trellis backgrounds I had created. In this part of my theme book I wanted to experiment on backgrounds that looked worn, weathered or distressed.



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