I found an black and white image of what looked like an x-ray of a seed pod.  This took me off in quite a different direction.  After a few drawings of some seed pods (again in red and green) I began to stylise my ideas to reflect the very interesting shapes that the  x-ray image seemed to suggest.  I began to think about the seed inside the pod and had found a poem where the seed is referred to as the secret within.  I wanted to portray the seeds as precious, almost like gems.  Bean and pea pods and the seeds inside provide a perfect basis for this.   I began to develop the shapes in a more abstract way whilst still keeping the distinctive shape of the pods.  I had collected some lovely dark coloured broom bush seed pods from the garden and within a couple of days of being in the warm dry house they had popped open and the seeds had sprung out.  I wanted to try to capture what they would have looked liked just before that happened as if I could see through the case of the pod. Decided to work with Koh-i-noor paint which is a dye rather than a paint and can be used on fabric.  It provided jewel like colours which were very vibrant.  The lines of the drawing were decorative and quite simple and I decided to have a thermafax screen made directly from my drawing as a possible development for my final piece.  At this stage I was thinking about recovering an old battered chair but was also still thinking about a wall hanging so could afford still to keep my option open.   I experimented with a few other pod shapes but none were quite so pleasing. In fact some looked rather more like sausages than seed pods!








Putting aside the work on seed pods for the time being I then began to look at the lovely poppy seed heads a friend had gathered for me from her garden. I had done a little sample piece earlier in the course unit based on poppy seed heads and decided that I would like to think about and expressive way of portraying these in paint. My drawing can be rather laboured so I experimented with pencil and pen attached to a piece of dowel rod so that I had to stand back from my sketch book and work, literally at arm’s length. I was pleased with the effect. A much more free style of drawing emerged and I had a lot of fun using different media developing a more expressive painting and colouring style. I really liked the contrast been the long stems of the poppies and their complex and architectural seed pods. I realise that I have gone beyond simply collecting images for my theme and was now going along a path of development and refining and changing the images. I am already thinking there was something here that I will return to for my final project To that end I am also going to have a thermafax screen made from one of my poppy drawings. I am really interested in the idea of printing then painting on textiles.



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