This first part of project 10 was about reviewing all my work so far. I sorted through the development work and earlier course projects that I thought were successful and / or where I had enjoyed the techniques or materials. And of course, I reviewed my theme book. I had collected my theme materials together and put them in my theme book leaving space between each section for further development work. I realised that I might need more space for developing some of the ideas and less for others but since I could always add and subtract pages this was not a major problem.
Looking back over my work to date it was hard to decide what I wanted to rule out. I had really enjoyed the stitch, had been very engaged with print making and, surprisingly for me, I had really enjoyed the weaving section. I took the opportunity to go back though my theme book and began to think about how each of the images and sketches I had in the book could be translated or further developed in stitch, or textiles, and how texture and pattern could be developed. I was, above all, interested in the concept that was now forming in my mind of taking something that was seemingly spent and re-imagining it or renewing it in to something new. The dead seed head, the miracle of the seed and the subsequent renewal and flourishing of the new plant began to form ideas for me. Linked to the metaphor and concept I had read in quotes and poetry I was increasingly thinking I wanted to recover or renew an object rather than create a wall hanging. I had liberated an old Ikea chair when my son was moving out of his flat last year when he graduated. He in turn had rescued it previously from a skip at the art college he was studying at. It had seen its fair share of studio life. It was grimy, covered in paint and was tatty. I began to think that this too could be given new life and that it could be regenerated through seeds. I’ve never upholstered anything but it looked like quite a simple shape. I thought it might be worth considering.



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