Focussing on my theme book

My theme book is now beginning to fill up with development work on top of the original source materials and ideas. I made a decision that I wanted to combine several ideas and sources and build towards an end product in the form of the recovered chair. I was particularly keen to develop my ideas around the work I had done on the poppy seed heads and the seed pods. I also liked the printed trellis shapes I had produced on paper. I thought these might work well on fabric and would create an interesting surface. I began to think about the kind of marks I might want to make and revisited the work I had done in part 2 on making marks with both stitch and in part 3 where I was making marks with printing. I have sketched some ideas for what components could be used in the chair and am now starting to think that as well as creating a panel for the chair seat and back I could think about including some text round the edge of the seat. I also have a number of ideas that could form small cushions which could extend the project a little further. Of course putting a small chair in the post for review by my tutor is not really practical but I didn’t want to let the idea go for reasons of practicality. I checked with my tutor that I could send the textile part of the project and plan to send photographs of the finished pieces on the chair if possible.
As well as having decided that I would like to do something with the poppy seed heads and the seed pods idea I didn’t want to lose the response I had to the lotus seed heads, especially the colours which I was very drawn to. I do not however, want to clutter the final project – it’s a very simple design. I think there is a danger that I try to put too many ideas in to the one piece. Making one or two additional cushions might be the way to try out some of these ideas.


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