This process is described in a linear way in the course notes however I find it quite difficult to separate entirely the second and third stages. As I was reviewing my theme book I was working in to it and adding development work and further ideas so that some of the design development got done as part of this iterative process. I went back and forward on several different sections of the theme book and the ideas began to come together and got selected or deselected. I now wanted to think about the overall coherence of the components that I am now beginning to bring together. I have decided that the recovery and renewal of the chair is the idea I am going with. I want to combine the idea of a trellis through which we see the colour of the poppy seed heads and which will form (literally) a base from which the poppy stems will grow. I am also aware that whilst this project is not being constructed in such a way that it will withstand many years of wear I do want it to be robust enough to have at least some functionality or utility. My choice of materials therefore needs to take account of that.
Staying with the concept of recovery and renewal I decided to hunt for textiles for the base fabric which were already used and showing some sign of wear. I unearthed two curtains from charity shops. One is a printed textiles and was 100% cotton and other is a viscose linen mix. The latter is less likely to stand much wear and tear. The cotton fabric caught my eye because it is blue / green and is commercially printed. It already has a design on it that suggested stems and seeds. Even when washed it had some water mark stains on it which appealed to me in terms of the concept and I wanted to incorporate the stains in to the surface decoration. I wanted to see how the fabric would look when it was over printed and worked in to with stitch.
My ideas about the colour and design of the lotus seed heads and the screen I had made from my design on seed pods are still at the front of my mind and I don’t want to lose them but neither do I want a cluttered final piece of design for the chair so I am still thinking I can do something else with them.
Printing out the screen print of the poppies on to different fabrics and making a colour board with yarns and beads to give a sense of colour was helpful.Dried poppy heads end up quite brown but just after the flower petals have dropped and before they have dried out they can have a range of hues from pink, through purple to blue and it was this colour that I wanted to capture in both the development work which I have added to my theme book through to the choice of yarns for stitching. Having decided on the fabric which is already commercially printed I wanted to create several layer: the original printed fabric, the over printing with the screen printing and the layers of yarn and thread.









Bringing all these ideas together I used ideas for print, colour and stitch from across my theme book and the development work I have added. I tried out the print for the poppies as actual size and developed my final idea for the chair back from this. I had already developed some actual size cartoons of the trellis print which I then developed further with the grass prints and with the addition of colour to simulate the colour in the poppy heads which would bring the seat and the back panels together.
Having chosen the text I wanted to use I experimented with fonts and materials to get a readable image but which would have a sense of decay.


Developing these ideas and deciding on the elements I would bring together meant sampling the printing, the stitch and the painting elements.
I am now keen to realise the two additional cushions. I plan to make a tapestry piece based on the colour and some patterns elements developed from the lotus seed head and will use the seed pod screen to print then paint a piece which can for the centre for a second cushion. I have found a fabric which can be used on both sides giving two colours in the same pattern which would work well with both the tapestry and printed pieces for the two cushions. Having planned all of these design elements I now need to plan how this can be realised in practice to ensure I can execute each part and that I will have all the right materials.


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