Assessment part 1 Reflective Commentary

Technical and visual skills
Whilst not confident in drawing I did try out a range of new ways of making marks in project one which I am sure will help me going forward. I will try to add to my sketches and mark making now throughout the course. I was more confident using stitch. I have some experience in stitching and was able to use my ‘craft skills’ to support the second project. I enjoyed using paint for sketching and mark making. Although I was working on line and surface texture it was difficult not to get involved in thinking about colour. The paint, especially when thickened, let me do both.

Quality of outcome
I am quite pleased with the work I have done at this very basic level of the course. I found the early exercises to be a bit mechanistic but I understood the purpose of the activities. Producing sketches or stitch samples was a good way to try out ideas quickly. I enjoyed the progression from mark making on paper to stitching.
I really enjoyed the tasks on creating surface texture. As I was working I could really see how I could translate what I was doing in to textiles and stitch

Demonstrating creativity
I was increasingly able to be inventive as the exercises went on. I got a lot more out of the later stages of project 2. This was because I was able to bring together the elements of the project I had been working on and move on to exploring samples which, whilst not realised pieces of work, were more satisfying in bringing together elements of stitch, design, reflection and texture. I used a variety of stitches, lines and marks which expressed the lines in the drawing. The source materials I had chosen provided plenty of scope for interpretation. I did not limit myself to one and actually learned more I believe by working several samples all of which led to different stitch technique.

Context and critical thinking
I went to two degree shows and two further exhibitions during the time I was undertaking this part of the course. It gave me an opportunity to reflect on what I was learning about both making marks and using stitch in interpreting line and texture. It caused me to look closely at the way other artists were doing this. I also read several chapters of several of the books on the essential reading list and this helped set the overall context for the learning in the course as a whole. I have begun to think about some themes from which to develop my theme book and am currently considering two in particular: the development of the pocket the secrets people keep in them; and a theme about the coastline.




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