Assessment Part 2 Reflective commentary

Technical and visual skills

During this part of the course unit I learned about colour and developed my skills in accurately mixing and matching colour.  I also had the opportunity to explore the impact of colour in creating form and the effect that colour can have in stitch when grouped or placed with other colours.  I developed my technical skills building on my experience on stitch and working with fabrics.   In particular I developed my skills in printing and mark making on fabric.   This was quite an intensive part of the course with opportunities to extend work in almost all parts of the course. I particularly enjoyed the process of starting with an idea or source and developing that through drawing or painting in to an idea for mark making or printing on to textiles.  I enjoyed finding different ways to apply colour through block printing, masking and applying paint directly to cloth. I used a range of fabrics learning a great deal about the way that both natural and man made fabric react to the same media.  The opacity of the cloth also had an important effect on the finished outcome.

Quality of outcome

I produced a large number of samples.  Not all aesthetically pleasing but all with something to offer in terms of learning about the effect of colour, the relationship between the media being used and the textiles forming the base for the sample.  I felt that the work I did on print samples and some extended work I did using analogous colour and stitch worked quite well.  The small samples I produced as part of the work on combining textures and colour effects I felt worked well.  I especially liked the contrast and the different effects of using either machine or hand stitching and the visual impact that stitch had in applying colour.  


Demonstrating creativity

The helpful tutor feedback I had from part one of the course included encouragement to take more risks and to work at a different scale.   I have tried to demonstrate that in my work in this part of the course.   Following a number of ideas through to semi resolved ideas and developing several different ways of working from the same source material gave me an opportunity to be more developmental in my thinking.  At this stage though, the course material is still quite prescriptive and I am aware that there is an expectation that students should cover all the exercises prescribed.  I can see real potential for further development in some of my samples should I wish to take them on to not only larger pieces but also to include more mixed media as a way of creating more original and innovative work.   I think I have demonstrated, to some extent, some evidence of going ‘beyond the brief’ of the course material.

Context and critical thinking

During this part of the course I developed my understanding in a range of aspects of colour theory, reading widely about colour.  I was interested to find out more about the relationships between colour and the science behind pigments and also to understand better the significance of colour in society both as a sign of wealth or poverty but also the associations with colour in symbolism.

As well as background reading about colour in visual arts and colour in textiles specifically I also visited a significant number of exhibitions where I tried to understand the importance of colour as part of my overall appreciation of the exhibition.   These exhibitions also sparked off ideas for my own work and for developing my visual vocabulary.  Ranging from the major Lowry retrospective and other exhibitions at the Tate Britain  to textile exhibitions at the V and A and the Festival of Quilts I learned a great deal by critically analysing the use of colour and the part it played in both composition and meaning.


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