Assessment part 3- reflective commentary

Assignment Three:  Reflective Commentary

Technical and visual skills

There were two main areas of development in the area of technical skills in this part of the course: appliqué and fabric manipulation.  In addition there was the opportunity to carry out further development work from my own drawings or other sources.   This continued on from using this approach in part 2. I have done a lot of needle turned appliqué and fused web appliqué in the past.  I wanted to use the opportunity in this part of the course to try something different so I experiments with shadow quilting as a form of appliqué, trapping the fabric.  I then worked in to that to experiment with reverse appliqué – cutting back the fabric.   The second area of textile skills developed in part three was fabric manipulation.  I really enjoyed the experimentation in this area.  I particularly enjoyed working from source materials, sketches and ideas from my sketch book about rust and layers.  I experimented quite freely with layering, not everything I did had a pleasing result but it was all helpful in understanding the properties of the materials I used.

Quality of outcome

Because this was a very short section of the course the output was more restricted however it did provide the opportunity to work in a way which allowed for the development of concepts and ideas and in applying them in a way which was less direct.   I found that I ended up with a number of samples and experiments which demonstrated what was asked for but had great potential for further ideas.  With more time, and perhaps in later projects in the course, I will be able to draw on these partially developed ideas to work through some more complex and resolved pieces of work.  

Demonstrating creativity

This was quite a short part of the course compared with part 2 so I was able to carry out a number of extra experiments that were sparked off by the main skills being developed.  For example, because I became interested in decay and rusting I  used materials to create a layer of rust on lace.  This and other similar lines of development in my sketch book could provide some good starting points for more development work and may be useful in more resolved and larger scale pieces of work.

Context and critical thinking

There were two specific research points in part three of the course unit.  The first was the diversity and style of contemporary textiles and a look at the textiles in an historic house.   The second was a short review of the place of craft based textiles today.  Both were interesting points to review.  I was able to visit outlets for contemporary textiles, make a focused visit to the House of Dun to find out about the surviving textiles there.  In the second research point I thought about the place of craft textiles in culture and society and impact of cultural interchange.  I was also interested in the more iterative and connected relationship between craft, design and manufactured textiles globally.  I drew on the reading I have done up to this point and looked afresh at two of the magazines I subscribe to which have articles on craft textiles and cultural influences (Selvedge and Crafts).

As well as research through course reading I visited several exhibitions during the time I was studying part 3.  These included an exhibition of prints by Andy Warhol and ‘Lenticular’, an exhibition of video installations at the Dundee Contemporary Art Centre.   



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