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Done but not finished

I have now sent my final assignment to my tutor but have kept working at a few things I was exploring on the course.  As posted in this learning blog earlier I extended my work at part 4 by learning to weave on a loom. Whilst just at the very rudimentary stages I am really enjoying it and considering investing in a table loom.

imageThese samples were worked on 4 different table looms which had already been warped up.  It provide an opportunity to experiment with pattern and colour.  I also used different yarns, mainly cotton, cottolin  and fine lambs wool.

It was really interesting to compare and contrast the process and the effects of loom weaving and tapestry weaving.  The placement of the warp and interplay between the warp and the weft in terms of colour mixing and pattern is of paramount importance in weaving on the loom.

I had the chance then to design my own piece of cloth and to learn the process of warping the loom.  I wanted to go back to the lotus seed head ideas I had and wanted to weave a piece as a accompanying piece to the tapestry cushion I produced for my final assignment.


I thought that that this pattern had potential to weave some cloth which referenced the blue seeds in the pink/ brown pod. I also wanted to introduce the sharp greens and yellow in the image and reference my tapestry piece.  I also referred back to some research on Anni Albers suggested by my tutor and drew ideas from this design by the artist.image


I  sourced these lambs wool yarns which changed the tones from my original piece but reflected the colours I was interested in from the photograph.

I have now warped up the loom using a rose pink with a pale pink every 6th warp thread. My plan now is to weave in bands of pink and blue with a stripe of greens and yellow to tie in with the design in my assignment piece.  I had not appreciated the number of steps and the length of process in warping the loom but each stage was really interesting, including learning how to correct mistakes!

image image