Tutor feedback part 2

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Tutor report


Student name Annette Bruton Student number 511956
Course/Module Textiles 1:A Creative approach Assignment number 2

 Overall Comments

 Annette, you are continuing to work with great energy and drive as you present your second assignment. The work sent is comprehensive, clearly set out and demonstrates your understanding of colour theory which you have been able to incorporate into your experiments.

You have taken on board comments and I feel that your confidence is growing in your approach to the projects in the assignments.

I feel that through your experimental samples you have achieved a good understanding of how materials respond to colour and provided yourself with an extensive resource.

Continue this dynamic approach to your projects and I hope that the following comments will be helpful as you reflect on your achievements to date.

I understand your aim is to go for the Painting/ Creative Arts Degree and that you plan to submit your work for assessment at the end of this course. From the work you have shown in this assignment, and providing you commit yourself to the course, I suggest that you are likely to be successful in the assessment. 

Feedback on assignment Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Quality of Outcome, Demonstration of Creativity

 The body of work sent has been clearly labeled and incorporated simple effective display ideas. I was especially impressed with your use of vylene to display your printed fabrics and the way that you had put all the sections of stitched samples so that you can easily refer to them.

Project 3 Colour


–                       To help you to understand and actively explore basic colour theory

–                       To develop and understanding of the relationship between colour and mood

–                       To apply your knowledge of colour theory to the development of sketchbook work

Your exploration of colour theory and relationships has been tackled in depth and you have demonstrated this through the work presented. You have used a variety of materials in your work and added unexpected textile responses using dyes and complementary colours.

Looking at the sketches of pears, I notice that you are beginning to use the shape of the object with your marks and encourage you to continue. Where you have used colour pencils you could achieve a more intense effects by overworking the image as this will create depth. In addition you might like to experiment with drawings that you start in the middle and try to find the edges rather than fixing the outlines.

In your stitch samples, you have found an effective way to produce and display a selection of samples providing you with a good reference resource you can easily access. You have been able to explore and develop your understanding of how thread can be used to create shading and texture successfully. This is demonstrated with the experiments blending coloured threads both on calico and black backgrounds, which is intensified by the addition of couching on the black sample. The machine embroidery has enabled further ideas to be explored with the yellow flowers demonstrating your sensitivity to colour and form.

Project 4 – Developing design ideas


–                       To help you to develop your compositional skills

–                       To help you to understand the interrelationship of the elements of design

–                       To use a design process in order to develop your visual ideas

In your series of drawings looking for shapes I felt that this demonstrated progress and particularly responded to the collage pieces and the unexpected patchwork response with the small squares.

The seed-head set of pieces has charm and the machine interpretation added another dimension.

Project 5 Painting and printing


–                       To help you to develop design ideas through the use of paint and print.


You have presented a well-worked set of samples in which you have demonstrated your understanding of a wide range of print materials and fabrics and been able to annotate for future reference.

In the second selection you show how your confidence is growing with the materials and explorations and I am reluctant to isolate one sample as they all have strengths. I am pleased to see that you have a bolder approach to scale in this work.

I particularly like the way that you are beginning to built depth in the prints with overprinting, eg the large blue/green and orange sample.

Learning Logs or Blogs / Critical essays Context

Your blog maintains the high standard you set in your first assignment. Your record and reflective comments about the exhibitions of Warhol, Lowry and Galliano are all providing you with a critical document of your responses at the time of your visits.

Your broad based research towards your understanding of the textile world looking at materials available in your area is progressing well.

You have provided yourself with useful technical information on printing. For example, I noted with interest your observations about the material selected to make print blocks and the results achieved on fabrics and papers. I’m sure you will find this an invaluable resource as you progress.


In the design ideas notebook you are making a working document of your ideas showing the urgency to record what is happening. I encourage you to continue to work with this free approach.

 Suggested viewing/reading Context

 As you move onto the constructed section, I suggest that you might like to look at or revisit:

Michael Brennand-Wood – 3D embroidery

Lynne Setterington – quilts

Alice Kettle – machine embroidery

 You might like to read The Subversive Stitch which has been republished recently.

Pointers for the next assignment

 Continue to maintain the energy demonstrated in this body of work, keep reading widely and visiting exhibitions.

Tutor name: Brenda   Miller
Date 15   October 2013
Next assignment   due 30   November 2013

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